Tuesday 30 July 2013

Tidy Up Tuesday

So I left Jackie yesterday, and came home to a house that needed just a little bit of tidying up so that has been much of my Tuesday: Jackie however has managed to decipher the quilting markings I made on the Rainbow HST quilt borders, and has it all quilted, doesn't it look great

I did buy Jackie a thank-you-for-having-me pressie, but then got scared that it would get confiscated as a sharp, so she'll have to wait until Festival of Quilts so she can put it in hold luggage.  I bought one for me too, and as she's seen the pic of hers I can now show you mine - a tulip rotary cutter, isn't she pretty!

Partly to hang it up, and partly in case there is another one at a class, I put a red ribbon on the end.

It cuts beautifully, like a hot knife through butter. 

My thought process . . . .
  • I probably don't replace my blades often enough. . .
  • I wonder when I last DID change a blade . . .
  • It would really help to know when the blade was last changed . . .
  • I should record that info somewhere . . .

Have you made a connection yet?  It took a a while for me to think of it, but I finally had the brainwave, and I've written the date of the new blade on the ribbon

The rotary cutters were last week's impulse buy, I actually went to the shop to get some binding fabric (I was going to be within 10 minutes of it anyway, and would have half an hour to kill)

So I took a bag of quilt tops . . .

This one had already been backed and quilted and now has pretty purple stars for binding

These are still flimsies but as it's school hols I should have the time to assemble, quilt and bind, so the flowery hexies have pink binding, and the tumblers have grey (both spraytime)

These hexies have muted yellow binding all cut and waiting

and these two string flimsies have a bright yellow and a blue/black binding

How organised am I?


  1. ooh! you HAD to buy the cutter.. it is beautiful xx

  2. My mind is spinning seeing all that preparation - are you hoping for rain to get it all done?

  3. Every time I change my blade I think I must do it more often, as I have that little revelation moment... and then I forget a couple of weeks down the line ;o)

  4. Well done on all the bindings and the lovely new rotary cutter so pretty!

  5. You've certainly put that beautiful cutter to good use! I love that the hexie binding has subtle hexies in it too! You are going to have a busy holiday getting those finished!

  6. What a pretty cutter. And as for the rest... I need a lie down.

  7. Cute cutter Benta, will have to have a look out for them next time I am indulging in some retail therapy.

    Look at you too, so organised!

  8. How jealous am I that you are so organized!! You have some beautiful quilt tops ready to go and I LOVE the cutter. Good idea to give it a date, as I just wait until it starts cutting wonky then the light bulb goes off.

  9. Are you feeling OK?

    Love that cutter! And always have a 'why didn't I change the blade sooner' moment when I eventually remember to!

  10. Hi Benta! Your rainbow quilt is going to be so beautiful! Great shopping and the cutter with tulips is super cute! I have the same with some small flowers.
    Have a wonderful weekend1 x Teje

  11. I love the border quilting and those rotary cutters are pretty. I'm always but to buy a sharpener but they see very expensive for what they are...


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