Wednesday 24 July 2013

Bye Bye Boss

For the last two years I have worked for the best boss I've *ever* had, and I'm gutted that he's leaving the school.

We've done a collection from all the staff and got him some lovely pressies, but I wanted to get him something from ME

Mum suggested this quilt.  I made it a whole ago and it's been stored at hers, but given that his favourite colour is purple, I think it's very appropriate, 

Good idea mum, lets hope he likes it


  1. I am sure he will love it Benta!

  2. Of course he will love it, lucky man!

  3. its sad when a loved member of the team goes.. however I am sure you can stay in touch.. and what a wonderful quilt for him to have x

  4. Shame that you are losing such a good boss - but he'll be thrilled with this quilt, I should think! x

  5. Wonderful idea of your Mum's. This is a brilliant gift!

  6. Nothing better than something that actually means something. Lovely gift.


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