Tuesday 16 July 2013

Baby Bobbins

I had some machine embroidery to do for a customer, in gold thread.  Metallic thread often shreds or breaks so i needed to watch it, but I didn't want to sit doing *nothing*!

I'd popped into "the Works" after school today, I love the possibility of cheap books or crafts and I picked up a few packets of these 

I've got a crafty friend coming here at the weekend and I wanted to make something for her, so I set about decorating these 

And then a few more

And then the rest 

(They may look normal size, but the grid under them in the early photos is a 1" grid)

And I got the embroidery finished too


  1. Great multi-tasking Benta! I must keep an eye out for those bobbins.

  2. Busy girl again - love the threads on these reels - I must look for them too!

  3. I love the spools and what you did with them! Well done on the embroidery too.

  4. Cool embroidery - is it a christening robe for the royal baby?


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