Thursday 11 July 2013

Therapy Thursday

Despite working a full day, and then working at the school production, and despite the sewing room looking as if an explosion had occurred recently, I HAD to do some sewing.

I dont know if I mentioned that the June meeting of the Richmond & Kew quilters was a Charity Quilt night.  At variuos desks around the room people were contributing to making charity quilts.  I know some Dear Jane blocks were being made, and I'me sure others were too, but I was chanied to my sewing machine for the whole evening and didn't see anything else.

I had teams cutting & counting out 42 x 2.5inch strips which I then joined into one (very) long strip, with others snipping off the triangles, and pressing the seams.

We made one top during the evening,

and I brought home one pack of strips, 

and one very long strip, so as a bit of therapy I have started joining the long strip.  Not very exciting but it's now 4 times as wide as it was, and 1/4 the length, and I have done *some* sewing


  1. Well done on getting some sewing done, doesn't it feel good!

  2. dont know about you but when the sewing room is tidy I dont concentrate the same and so am not as productive... thats MY story and Im NOT changing it!! lol x

  3. Your strip quilt turned out great! I don't know how you keep up with everything. My sewing room looks just like yours. In fact I was going to take a picture of it, but I couldn't find my camera in the mess!

  4. Well done you!! Thing will be a little better now.

    Love Diane's excuse but it drives me nuts when I can't find anything. That does not mean it's in anyway tidy in there mind!

  5. Glad to hear you managed to fit in some sewing at last Benta, you certainly deserve some me time after all that you have been up to recently.

  6. You always seem to make the most of everything!


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