Wednesday 3 July 2013

Huge Hexies

A few months ago one of my students at Chertsey Museum brought in a 3m (3 yard ) flimsey that a friends mother had made from big paper pieced hexies.

What could she do with it?  Nobody wanted it as it was, it was too big, and a real miss-mash of fabrics: cotton, corduroy, lining material, even crimplene!

Finally after a few months thinking she decided we could chop it into 6 children sized flimsies and make charity quilts .

So last night I quilted the first one, just free range lines in each direction resulting in a star burst roughly in the centre of each

then I washed it just to be sure the top wouldn't fall apart, And it came out fine!

I've got three more to go, two of the students took one each too


  1. how wonderful that all that hard work is to be saved.. and passed on x glad she did not just abandon it xx

  2. Gorgeous hexies.Great job!

  3. That's looking great! I like the way you decided to quilt it. It brings it together beautifully :)

  4. Will make fab playmats with all those textures x

  5. Looking good xxx


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