Wednesday 29 April 2015

Rolling in Red

I seem to be on a bit of a red kick at the moment:

I've pieced and quilted Lisa's mostly red Christmas quilt

Some of the sashing is plain red, and some is printed with gold or silver Christmassy symbols.  The sashing placement is deliberate, and even required some un-sewing.  Can you see why I chose that placement? (see below for the answer)
And I made myself two red handy items in felt:  A wrist pin cushion and a needle case

And I've almost finished Niki's mostly red birthday quilt
No doubt which birthday she's getting it for (I cant believe I'm old enough to have a youngest child turning 21!!!)

(the number twenty one wasn't on the fabric so I've joined twenty and one together!)

And the printed sashing amongst the plain?  If you look for it, it spells Lisa's name :-)


  1. grateful for the stickit app. Subtle name detail. Love it.

  2. I'm seeing red! Beautiful!

  3. certainly plenty of red, Lisa will be delighted with her quilt and wishing her a very happy birtday

  4. Oh very clever! Like it!!

    I made a wrist pincushion but kept sticking them in me. I re made it with a plastic lid as the base in the fabric. No more nasty moments.

  5. So clever! I love red and white quilts. These are both lovely and your name and age details make them extra special. Your girls are really very lucky :)

  6. Aren't you clever? And busy! Love your finishes!


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