Monday 20 April 2015

Christmas Crafting (again)

As I'm hosting the Ho Ho Ho and on we Sew link up this month I thought I really ought to actually do some Christmas making beyond my tutorial.

I started a Scrappy Trip Around the World late in 2013.  The plan was that it would be for Lisa for Christmas 2014.  At the time she was living in a converted factory in London and I thought it would be nice to have something warm and Christmassy to wrap herself up in

I got this far, and then realised my fabric placement was a bit naff:

Scrappy trips look better if they aren't alternating light and dark blocks - because they just might as well be alternating dark and light blocks!

So I considered a couple of sashing/no sashing possibilities

And there it stalled: partly because I couldn't decide, and partly because Lisa announced she would be going to Australia *just* after Christmas - so I didn't think there would be much point having a Christmas quilt which she'd get on Christmas day and leave behind on boxing day.

Anyway, fast forward a year and a bit: I seem to be in the mood for reducing UFOs at the moment, and the Ho Ho Ho linky got me thinking abut this one.  So I have now sashed the blocks mostly with plain Kona red solid.  There is some sashing with gold shapes on, and there is a reason, but I cant yet photograph it well enough to show you.  At the moment there are 5 separate strips of blocks, but in a few days I'm hoping to have it backed and machine bordered, and then I can show you.

 Have you finished anything Christmassy this month?  The linky is open until the end of the month if you want to link up - just click here to go to the linky post


  1. This is looking great. I really like the alternating red and whit(ish) effect and the sashing gives a lovely secondary pattern :)

  2. Red and white is such a classic combo. Very nice!

  3. I'm one of those people that just avoids Christmasy things always, especially in April, haha. Glad you were able to get back to this quilt though, I'm sure you will be SO glad to have it done finally! And before Christmas, hopefully!

  4. It`s fabulous with the red sashing.I haven´t started with Christmas projects,


  5. Looks great Benta, you will be so organised this Christmas you won't know yourself :)

  6. Love the way the sashing makes the big red blocks in the midst of little scrappy blocks. Christmas sewing keeps getting put on the back burner
    here. Your daughter will love the quilt. Janita


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