Tuesday 7 April 2015

Friendship and Fabric part 3

A final day in Ireland :-(.

We attended Mass in the morning (gosh Catholic Church is different to C of E!!!) and went for a walk to St Mullins - a beautiful serene village nearby - in the sunshine (had to take advantage of the sunshine) then back for our final sewing project.

We'd picked up coin-purse clasps, and found a site with great instructions, but sadly the purse bit was just too narrow for the clasp bit

Maybe we rushed it - a repeat project for another day!

I also managed to have a chat with Lisa - she's gone from Australia for a mini holiday in New Zealand with a friend, and it was her birthday, so I was delighted to be able to find her and have a catchup and wish her Happy Birthday (my baby is 24 - that makes me feel SOOO old!).

Just before she went to NZ she sent Brian an email - it's lovely to know that some teaching stays with them for ever:


  1. Just catching up with your last few blog posts - what a lovely way to spend some of your hols! You and J have been awfully productive - I'm impressed! xxx

  2. I hope my kids hear my voice in their heads one day, 'cause right now, they don't even hear me when I am actually talking to them!


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