Wednesday 22 April 2015

A little bit of this and a litle bit of that

Being back at work means much less sewing time, but a few number of projects have benefited from half an hour or so sewing time this week:

I played with some ideas for two piece cuddly toys for a kids' class next weekend

And I made an I-spy quilt for our next-door neighbours who have just become grandparents for the first time, and I designed an in-the-hoop baby taggie for him too.

His was really a trial version, and here it is with two others which will be samples at next week's village craft fair.  Lets hope some people order them!


  1. Your taggies are great. I'd definitely order if I knew any babies - maybe one day...and I like the teddies and I Spy quilt. I love the dala horse fabric. Harry is a lucky little boy :)

  2. Great projects and sure your quilt wil be a win!

  3. Can I order the Aidan taggie??

  4. Good luck at the village fair Benta, I am sure that your taggies will be very popular

  5. trust the village fair went well, the I spy quilt is so cute for a little one


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