Sunday 12 April 2015

Quick Catch Up

I've been facilitating other people's craftiness over the last few days:

Fun With Fabric at Chertsey Museum saw the ladies making chick bowls


Then on Saturday we had mayhem in church with kids making all sorts of things:

Sewing projects

Colouring and beading projects

Pompom creatures, pipe-cleaner people with lightsabers, cobwebs on the front of a spider man den, and a Möbius strip

And what have I been doing?

A bit of this - shopping for some classes, with a bit of "oooh, I *want* that" jumping into the basket too


And the embroidery machine has been earning its keep, with 35 assorted tops for the local pre-school done and now ready to be delivered

Plus a sample being worked on for a book scheme at the borough

And a bit of applique fun, just because!

 And I still have another week off school - yippee!!!!


  1. You (and your crafty club members!) have been busy! Lucky thing having another week off, still. My DDs went back today.....

  2. you have certainly been busy .. and spreading the love of sewing around as well xx WELL DONE xxx

  3. Lots of craftiness indeed, well done to everyone!

  4. You always keep yourself so amazingly busy - it makes me feel so lazy :)


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