Saturday 7 March 2015

Plenty of Plusses

I've been looking at arranging my Plus blocks:


Wide sashing?

Thin sashing?

 I'm a bit short on the blue so the thin sashing is looking promising!!

I spent a fab afternoon at Chertsey museum yesterday - after the fake cathedral windows last month we started on real ones this month

Didn't they do well?

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  1. like the sashing .. not so keen on the staggered .. but its your work xx Keeping busy as always I see xx

  2. I like the sashing, not the staggered, but a width between the two. Just to be awkward! Lol.

  3. Good luck choosing a setting, they all look good to me!
    By the way my son leaves for Australia end of April (study abroad) for 6 weeks. And he better come home LOL.

  4. staggered with wide sashing or the third choice of thin sashing.

  5. I like the staggard, with the thin sashing. This way keepsyour eyes moving on the quilt and not looking all the same!

  6. I like the thin stashing and the staggered look.

  7. Great job on the cathedral windows and the narrow washing :-)

  8. I vote for the staggered too Benta!


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