Friday 6 February 2015

Clocks and Consequences, and Giveaway Given Away

I have done some more work on Plum's Consequences Quilt.  I can't show you now, but she will get it back on Monday so I can show you properly then.

The pixelated image of most of it looks like this!

My Christmas pressie from husband was delayed in the post, and was then cancelled by the suppliers, so it all took a bit longer than planned, but finally a box of clock parts arrived!  And now I have this gorgeous, enormous clock on my kitchen wall

And can I hear a Yay! and a Yippee?  I finally got a reply from the giveaway winner, so the scissor case is on its way to Margaret (aka Priscilla Precise) in South Africa, via her daughter in London!


  1. Yay for all of it even the teasing of Plums quilt. No excuse for you ever to be late with that fab clock!

  2. Love the clock Benta and glad to hear that you finally got a hold of your winner.

  3. I like the pixelated look!
    Great clock - no excuse for being late now, ever!

  4. Never mind pixelated, I thought it was another quilt! Love the clock, you will be a laughing stock if you're ever late now though! lol

  5. Love the idea behind that clock!


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