Sunday 1 February 2015

Embroidery Extra

Machine embroidery is usually a happy task for me, but I guess that is when I can design something, and stitch it for me - 14 named fleeces,  two named dog towels, an a dressing gown are not as much fun!

Still they are done, and paid for so  I shouldn't really complain!

And much more fun was embroidering this name for a new arrival on an iSpy quilt

My other weekend project has involved getting ready for tonight.  My church hosts a number of Housegroups, and at the one I attend we have been sewing.  The old (and currently abandoned) project as well as the new plan were blogged about here.

The ladies did loads of sewing at the last meeting: pick up any two HSTs and sew them together

They are now all pressed, and this week they can choose to pick up two HSTs, or pick up two squares for sewing together, any colour any direction

I am really loving how bright this will be


  1. I'm about to start a HST project too. Yours are fun!

  2. Those HST blocks will really brighten up a grey day, love them!

  3. What a lovely way to work on the project! Well done for getting through the embroidery work!

  4. I love those bright colours too xx


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