Wednesday 19 November 2014

Hadley's HSTs (copied)

A while ago I got the ladies at my church group sewing: we were making paper pieced string blocks and got this far 

We discussed who we were making it for, and unanimously agreed it had to be one of two ladies - Vikki or Sheila - lovely ladies from church - both of whom were fighting cancer.

Sadly Vikki died before we got much further, and while I know the quilt wasn't to blame, I kicked it into a corner in disgust, and couldn't bring myself to work on it while I was in mourning for such a lovely lady. I eventually got into the right frame of mind to finish the quilt for Sheila, and she died. Another lovely lady, such a loss to the village .  Another period of mourning :- (

Again I fell unable to complete the string quilt.  It has too many sad memories! At house group last Sunday Mandy made an observation - maybe its time to give up on this and start something else. I'm not sure it's a permanent surrender, but I think she's right that I need to move on at the moment.

The thought rattled around in my mind for a bit, and then I saw the Kona FQs I got from Ireland,

and was reminded of a project Hadley worked on last year -

(Pic stolen from Flying Blind - hope I'm forgiven)

  • Can I cut rainbow FQs into 6" HSTs?
  • Can non-sewing ladies stitch HSTs into squares?
  • Can I easily restitch HSTs if needed?
  • Will these units make a fab flimsy?
I reckon all these can be answered with a YES, so I'm leaving the string quilt to "mature" and we'll work on a copy of Hadley's quilt for a while!

Triangles cut - roll on next house group!


  1. such sadness to lose 2 Church friends, cancer is s devastating, my daughter is a nurse in a Sue Ryder hospice and is totally drained some days. I can see why you have given the quilt a rest and the colours you have for your next project are lovely, best of luck with the triangles, I try and make mine using squares ion top of each other. Off to the K & S show in Harrogate today.

  2. This is a sad post. We are dealing with the end stages of cancer right now in a loved one. Very hard to watch : (

  3. How lovely that you wanted to make the quilt collectively for two of your friends. I can quite understand why you'd kick it into touch for a bit.
    The new project looks fab! Hope you and your house group all enjoy it. xx

  4. Your new quilt idea sounds like just the ticket to help you past this sad time. Maybe someday you can come back to the string quilt when the healing is over. Have fun with the HSTs!!!

  5. Sorry to hear about those two lovely ladies. Sometimes it is too sad to keep working on something. Your new project is beautiful. I hope you will all enjoy working on a fresh project :)

  6. Beautiful bright colours to cheer you up and a virtual hug coming your way too :-)

  7. Sorry to hear about your two friends. I would put the strings away for a little while too. The HST project looks fun, and cheerful!

  8. Sorry to hear about your friends. A break seems like a good option. Perhaps when you finish it you can auction it off to raise money for cancer research.

    I love the colours you have chosen for your new quilt.


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