Sunday 30 November 2014

My Cousin and a Consequences Coincidence

The third month of the Consequences Round Robin from Richmond and Kew quilters has landed an Africa themed quilt on my workbench.  For the previous quilts I have made a patchwork block and also a machine embroidered block.  The embroidered blocks may not be what people want, so these are a sort of extra block which they can use or not, but I've had fun making.

For "Africa" this machine embroidered extra block could have been easy: elephants against the sunset, a lion's face . . . but I had an idea nagging in the back of my mind, and I was trying to see if it would be OK

Meanwhile I got on with the more traditional patchwork block.  This lady could have been paper pieced, or foundation pieced, but I created her by adding roughly shaped scraps of fabric together in strips (apron then dress then sides, bodice then arms then sides, face then hat then headdress then sides) then the strips added.
(inspired by a block seen on Pinterest, but I don't know where it originated from)

Meanwhile the 'other' idea kept nagging away.  My reluctance was due there being a long explanation behind it, but finally I thought sod it, it's an amazing story, and people can choose whether to read it or not!

I have a cousin called Kire: as well as being gorgeous on the outside (hang on I'll show you what I mean, guesses as to her age are welcome) she's gorgeous on the inside, and oh so talented.  Meet Kire Godal

She is a film maker, working with Discovery Chanel and National Geographic amongst others, and living, by coincidence, in Kenya.  She recently made a film about Lion Guardians, and it was nominated for a Wild Screen award ("considered the equivalent of the “Oscar” by wildlife film makers worldwide")  The film, a campaign film, is used to train Maasai Warriors who are becoming Lion Guardians.  Lion Guardians is an amazing conservation programme, re-educating the Maasai Warriors into a new relationship with lions

So my second Africa block tells the story of the Lion Guardians:

It's a fairly subtle embroidery: goldy orange on stone fabric, but it reads:

Lion Guardians
Traditionally Maasai males would kill a lion to 
reach manhood and warrior status - 
endangering the numbers in the lion prides.

Today the Lion Guardian conservation programme
recruits and trains Maasai men to track the lions,
collect DNA samples and produce identity cards
for them.  this confers a sense of ownership
and pride amongst the men, forming a vanguard to
prevent other Maasai men from hunting lions

The Guardians get  to know 'their' lion -
searching for it daily, and can warn cattle
herders if they are letting cattle graze too
close to the lions.  In searching for their lion
they also track and return stray cattle, and
can take groups of tourists to a pretty much
guaranteed lion sighting

I hope she likes them


  1. You're going to tell us something really depressing, like that your gorgeous cousin is about 50 aren't you? I can feel it...

  2. love the lady block and wow what a wonderful career your cousin has and a good way to tell the world about the work she is doing in a block like yours. She looks young but as Katy says is probably older!

  3. What a great story Benta, I think your block will be much appreciated in the eventual quilt.

  4. Beautiful woman!! Love the quilt block.

  5. Thanks for telling this story !! it is beautiful

  6. Great blocks and how wonderful your cousin does all that. I'm pretty sure I've seen her documentary. You are a very talented family :)

  7. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story

  8. I think I saw that documentary just a couple of weeks ago. I think your embroidered block is a lovely idea.


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