Saturday 15 November 2014

Saturday Stars

Lisa has now left for New York: I consoled myself by moving lots of stuff back into her bedroom!!!!

I celebrated access to my sewing machine by pulling the Jenny Bayer charm pack and a Moda solid charm pack in cream.  This bundle has *nearly* been stitched into a variety of designs, but I finally split it into lights and darks rather than trying to use all. Working with the darks, I added wonky star sections to a quarter or so of the squares 

then started joining in strips of three to make parts of wonky stars:

All stitched, now waiting for the pressing and speed dating stage

At Crafty Church today we made stars for a Christmas tree we are entering into a Christmas Tree Festival in a few weeks time:

Lots of methods, including our craft of the month - felting 


  1. Has Lisa gone permanently to New York or just a visit .
    So that is how wonky stars come to life very effective. Good to see so much activity in the Church, felt is such a good medium for decorations

  2. You certainly made good use of that access to your sewing machine Benta. Good luck in the tree festival too.

  3. Bitter sweet. Liking the blocks though.

  4. Great you got back to your sewing machine. I love the stars.

  5. Love the stars - your sewn ones and the felt ones - you have been busy again!

  6. Its hard to have kids far away. I live on the east coast and my son lives on the west coast of the USA. And I dislike flying.

    Love your stars!


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