Sunday 9 November 2014

Marvelous Miniatures

I'm taking a break from the embroidery marathon, so I thought I'd tell you about my Friday

I had a lovely afternoon at Chertsey Museum helping the ladies make crafty mug caddies, then I was going back a few hours later to attend a felting class.  One the volunteers, Kaye, who was attending both classes invited me back to hers instead of driving all the way home then back again.

I accepted her offer - with high hopes for a special teat.  Kaye makes miniatures - 1/12th scale, 1/24, 1.48 and even 1/144.  She has brought a few in to show us at Fun With Fabric, but I was really hoping for the guided tour - and I was not disappointed!

I had to serious concentrate on keeping my jaw roughly where it belonged!  A whole room is given over to her creations, and I was like a kid in a candy store - I just couldn't take it all in.

I managed to get a few photos, but you wont get the full experience, sorry, but I can rub it in and tell you it was amazing!

A Tudor house (1/12)

A fabric and patchwork shop

I should have typed "A *tiny* fabric and patchwork shop": 1/48th I think

And shelves and shelves of others

As if I wasn't overawed enough, we then went back to the museum to learn how to make felted poppies - That's tomorrow's post!


  1. So much fun to discover someone else's lovely treasures.
    I seriously want that fabric store miniature. With all my favorite fabrics on the bolts.

  2. I love the fabric shop. What a fabulous room, all those treasures together.

  3. what wonderful work truly amazing, I have 2 friends who make dolls houses etc so have sent them a link to this as they must see them


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