Sunday 2 November 2014

Inspired in Ireland (2)

So we spend Saturday surrounded by fabric, scissors, pins, rotary cutters - it was heaven!
The was some cutting and laying out which led to this

Some cutting and sewing (and, gasp, following of instructions ) which led to this divided basket from Noodlehead

And some laying out and moving and changing minds of this fabric collection

We also tried some crochet, with one of us trying very patiently to teach the other one a new stitch (I didn't get it!)

We have a list of things to try tomorrow before I have to go home!


  1. gosh.. you have been busy xx well done x

  2. It was most definitely a 'working' holiday 😀

  3. Geez, go out of action for a week and find you've made a million things and have even started following instructions! Craziness!

  4. I should be sewing but I'm snuggled under a quilt ; )

  5. you have certainly achieved loads whilst in the Emerald Isle

  6. I'm always impressed with the amount of things you two get up to!


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