Saturday 8 November 2014

Multi Tasking Mayhem

So I work 25 hours a week at my 'day job' (39 weeks of the year), I teach one Friday a month, and every other Monday, I have two embroidery customers who have about 30 units embroidered every four or six (or eight) months.  I have en embroidery machine that gets serviced maybe as often as once a year, and I have a nephew who very occasionally goes abroad for business, so I go and help his wife with little Miss two-and-a-half and the four month old twins

Statistically a few of these things may occasionally happen in the same week - BUT EVERY SINGLE ONE??????  Oh and we can add in that Lisa is moving stuff home from London in preparation for going to Australia, so my overflow sewing room is packed

The sweat shop that is my sewing room

And the storage facility that is my overflow sewing room

OK Pity Party over - I'm off to play babies.  When I next come up for air I have some marvellous miniatures, and a fab flower to show you


  1. You have yourself a great weekend and get some rest ; )

  2. Is that double, treble, fourth jobbing!!!!!! :-)

  3. I find remembering to BREATH helps xx Good luck with it all x


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