Thursday 29 January 2015

Lovely Ladies

Wow!  There are some lovely ladies out there in the fabriccy regions of blogland!  I got two surprises in the post in the last few days, and I am not only delighted with the contents, but touched and chuffed that the senders thought of me!

From America came a load of Hexies found at a yard sale by the lovely Kathy ( who thought I'd enjoy using them ... Yes Kathy, I will, thank you so much

And then, postie came again, this time with a package from the gorgeous Amo  ( - she'd been sent a magazine but didn't think she'd use it so sent it on to me - thank you, Amo, some great projects there and perfect for classes!

Did you notice the cards that came with both packages?  Kathy lives in the edge of an airport - and has a plane in a hanger at the end of her garden (how awesome is that?). And Amo? Look at her blog to see some of the astonishing things she's made, and then look again at the photo above to see the kingfisher she painted!!!! Yep, the card is a print of her own artwork!

Oh I am luck to have such fab friends, especially given that I've never met either in real life!


  1. Nice gifts, and the cards are a great touch. How lovely to have people thinking about you.

  2. You make such wonderful things and I know you give not only your lovely projects but also your time.

    I hear you on the daughter. Mine won't be back until end of march after 5 months of travel thru central America. It's time she came home!

  3. I'm glad it cheered you up! As I was flicking through my mind was saying Benta, Benta, Benta. Enjoy xxx

  4. What lovely surprises Benta, have fun using them !

  5. Quilty people are indeed lovely:-)

  6. what lovely post to receive. Aren't people lovely?


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