Friday 23 January 2015

Projects in Progress

I'm working on Plum's round robin, but can't show you as she visits here regularly, so instead here is pixelated proof that I'm doing *something* with her fabrics:

That's all folks!

As for other projects - if you can work out what needs doing here, you're a better detective than me!

Actually what clearly needs doing here is a LOT of tidying up!  So that's a plan for tomorrow!  

Good night x


  1. Clearly you need to sew stuff ;o)

  2. That's just teasing! Go on, give it a proper photo and I'll pretend not to look! Am on the edge of my seat waiting for the big reveal in Feb (or I would be, if I'd made any progress on the one sitting on the desk by me at the moment - oops!).

  3. You're good at keeping secrets ; )

  4. aww!... we would be good and not share .. and we would cover her eyes if she came near! lol x


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