Wednesday 14 January 2015

What's a Girl to Do?

I had a bit of a "bleugh" afternoon yesterday, and left a friend's feeling a bit down, so I needed cheering up.


Can you guess what I chose?


I needed something very cheerful - and preferably calorie free!


I bought these three:

I pondered for a while, then used one of them with some stash Kona solid to make this:


Her husband still has cancer, and I still feel a bit bleugh, but I made something pretty, so that helps a bit


And I have the bright stripy fabric to make something else, probably lined in yellow. :-)



  1. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling great.

    I think those zebras are awesome.

  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  3. Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather, hope the fun new bag works its magic soon :)

  4. Sorry you are bleh. I hope today is better.

  5. Those Zebra's would cheer anybody up, great choice

  6. Aww, sorry to hear about your friend's husband, but I love the zebras

  7. Glad you were able to do something, even though it wasn't all that you wished to do to help your friend. Creating things with our hands is sometimes all we can do, and helps us clear our thoughts and make room for hope and wishes.


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