Tuesday 6 January 2015

Christmas Post (and giveaway reminder)

Our local scout group run a Christmas Card delivery service on the Sundays leading up to Christmas.

The scouts, cubs, beavers, guides, Brownies (and any others I've forgotten) design a stamp: one is chosen and printed onto stickers.  You can buy these stickers in some of the local shops, stick them on cards with local addresses, post them in boxes in the same shops, and they get delivered by the kids.

This year the exec (the adult leaders) decided they wanted to award the delivery boys and girls with a badge to go on their uniform . . . tonight was to be the first meeting back after Christmas, could I design and make 30 badges in time?

Luckily the answer was yes!

One was approved . . . and the other 30 created and whisked away for tonight's meeting before I got a chance to photograph them!

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  1. Nice idea and cute badge.

  2. They do something similar where my parents live, I bet they would love your badge :)

  3. Makes me want an embroidery module! Cute badge.

  4. Love the badge - and how nice it will be for all the participants! Well done for getting them made in time.

  5. Nice job, and getting them done in time is a big plus!

  6. great design! I am sure they are happy to have you.


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