Saturday 4 March 2017

2017 Wk 9 - Mostly Chertsey

I had a lovely Friday afternoon at Chertsey museum. The show and tell creations were amazing - especially Rhona's which combined spring blocks and kantha stitching!

The finished blocks are looking fab together!

Tone finished her kantha too

But Friday's topic was fabric flowers, and although they all started from the same sample, they have all taken the idea and made very individual flowers.  Click HERE for a PDF with the class' instruction sheet

As for me, I spent all Thursday at work with no computers - and we are virtually a paper free office, so there was *nothing* to do . . . Luckily I keep an emergency sewing kit in the car, so I sewed strips and rectangles together by hand to make this - I could have done with an ironing board too!


  1. Stunning work. I love all the stitching :)

  2. I love the embroidery - especially the kitty cat!

  3. what a lovely selection of flowers and the kantha work is very good. Good way to work at the office stitching maybe you need to keep a mini iron there too

  4. The Kantha blocks are lovely Benta and the tulips are all great, what a fun time you all must have had.

  5. The Kantha blocks are fantastic and the fabric flowers caught my eye!

  6. Looks lovely. That Kantha block must have been hard going with all those seams!


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