Tuesday 28 March 2017

2017 Wk 11 & 12 - Mostly Exploring

Dad's nearest town is Fredericksburg - originally German it has a population of about 8500. My nearest big village at home has a similar population but has less than a dozen shops while Fredericksburg has an amazing Main Street full of independent stores ("no chain on Main") This website suggests 211 shops in the town!!!!


One afternoon we visited a great little village (Pop 3!) called Luckenbach. Live music every day, and I particularly liked the toilet signs made from car number plates!


Another day we took a drive to the Enchanted Rock - a 17 Acre single rock (the exposed part of a 100sq mile single rock) which is second in size only to Uluru (Ayres Rock) in Australia.

And then lunch in Llano which is relatively (by Texan standards) nearby and sits almost in the middle of Texas. This little town has a population of less than 4000, but has a huge school complex, a police and a fire department, a cinema, court, law and tax offices, several restaurants and a quilt fabric shop! (Unfortunately I had a posse of three non quilters / non shoppers with me so my visit had to be short! The shop assistant had a sewing machine set up in the back of the shop and was happily sewing away - that's a job I could do!!!!

I just want to share one more place with you. A shop called Magnola Pearl on the way to Fredericksburg. Do visit the website! Then there are three horizontal lines top left and you can use them to navigate to SHOP and GALLERY. they are the most biazzare clothes I've ever soon - and at the most outrageous prices! The page called LINE SHEET shows the clothes best - I don't know if they are from recycled or reclaimed fabrics but patching them and distressing them seems to feature strongly. (A neighbour of dad's called them slave clothes!). However the building is beautiful!!! Although itlooks hundreds of years old it is a new build but from reclaimed timbers, and is filled with a lot of antiques (I snuck some pics)


Dear Magnolia Pearl. I'm sorry that I don't respect your clothing - I just don't "get it" (but then I'm quite sure that I am not representative of your target market) however I love love LOVE your shop!



  1. Luckenbach, Texas: Citizens of the town claim a resident (Jacob Brodbeck) launched the first airplane years before the Wright Brothers.
    Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson: Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)- One of my favorite country western songs ever.

  2. you are certainly seeing lots whilst on holiday, checked out the Magnolia Pearl looks more like a museum than a shop, enjoyed the singing though very haunting, clothes not for me and very pricey too

  3. You are certainly giving us a bit of the local flavour Benta! Shame you didn't get to enjoy that quilt fabric shop as much as you could have, sure you will make up for it another day :)

  4. Lucky girl.Love your pics and looks it has been a great trip.

  5. Great pics and looks like a great time was had! It sounds like the girl in the quilt shop has the perfect job :-)

  6. OH MY GOODNESS Luckenbach Texas - I know that song, and my brain started singing it as soon as I saw the words! Love the photos - I'm glad you had a great time on your trip!


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