Wednesday 29 March 2017

2017 Wk 11 & 12 - Mostly Shopping

Oooops! Confession time - I hit the quilt shops in Fredericksburg, Llano AND Blanco. Obviously I have some responsibility to help the Texan economy!

A few FQs

From this lovely shop

And I've also bought linens (for dresses) from Walmart!


and cotton solids to go with some fabrics I got from Lisa a while ago


some FQs and craft stuff, and a few paracord bracelet kits for a class coming up soon (and I had to have a play!)


And then a trip to Blanco saw a trip to another quilt shop!


So purely out of compassion for the Texan economy I stocked up on black and white fabrics for a quilt that is in my mind

And a whole bunch of Texas themed fabrics, for, perhaps, a Texan themed quilt????


Perhaps it's just as well we only go every 3 or 4 years!!! But at least I have a plan for it all - that makes it ok doesn't it?



  1. I adore that fabric "framing" wall. Looks just like frame samples. Too bad fabric is heavy and shipping to the uk horribly expensive. I guess you'll get texas-sized muscles lugging your fabric home.

  2. Shopping is fun ... and checking out someone else's shopping is almost as fun! It's certainly cheaper for the checker than for the checkee, haha! I do love hitting the fabric section at the American Walmarts - I always find great bargains there ... and they have lovely sets of co-ordinating fabrics :) Their FQ's are a bargain too! It looks like you're having a great time, Benta - did you come armed with an empty suitcase? ;)

  3. some great fabrics you have there, I too am collecting black and white for a quilt for Sal`s 21st so will be interesting to see what you do as I have no ideas at the moment. It is about time Asda also sold fabric how good that would be. Trust you will not be overweight in your luggage I mean when you fly home

  4. Glad to know that you have been doing your bit for the Texan economy Benta, I was beginning to worry that your shopping muscles were not getting enough exercise:)

  5. I love all your purchases and well done for helping the Texan economy


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