Monday 27 March 2017

2017 Wk 11 & 12 - #2 Mostly Creating

We've been having a great time in Taxas! Catching up with Dad and Eileen and exploring this new-to-us part of the world. And doing some creating - and admiring some of their creating!

I've been working on La Pass - finishing cog 5 (my little 'work table' next to 'my chair' - I made myself at home!)


And starting cog 6 (although annoyingly I didn't bring the fabrics for the outer ring

I also brought a kantha project which has progressed nicely!


Dad and Eileen have been creative too - they built this house!

and I'm trying not to turn too green with envy over this studio!


Eileen isn't the only creative one - her daughter made these coasters for them ...


And while I've been away Lisa has been sewing - following a patten - and has made a lined bodice for a new dress!



  1. Well done on your creativity and everyone else's too. The studio looks a fab place to work in, very bright and spacious. Am looking forward to seeing Lisa's progress on her new dress!

  2. I was waiting for crafty church is bigger in texas posts.
    Lol . Looks like you enjoyed yourselves. Good time of the year to visit Texas.

  3. good to see you have had some stitching time whilst in Texas. Wow what a studio we can but dream!


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