Sunday 12 April 2020

2020 Wk 15 - Congratulations Jackie

Many of you who kindly pop in and visit me on my blog have also met my BFF Jackie - certainly through the blog, and some of you have met her in real life.

Her younger daughter was due to give birth this week - obviously a horrible time to be in hospital and no visitors as Eire (Southern Ireland) is on lockdown.  There was even a concern that her husband may not be permitted to attend the birth.

However, in the event he was allowed in when she got to 5cm, and baby Aoife (pronounced EF-FA) got to meet both her parents yesterday.

Granny Jackie will have to wait a while before she can meet her (and Granny Benta will have to wait even longer, but such a relief to know she is here and all is well).

I'll leave you with these photos, but if you'll excuse me I have a quilt to make!!!

Congratulations Jackie and all the family xxxxx


  1. Congrats to Jackie and her family :)

  2. Granny Benta we have plenty of time to make quilts for her xx

  3. Congrats to Jackie and her family!
    Have you finished the quilt yet Benta! 😁
    Barbara xx


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