Monday 10 March 2014

Sunny Sunday

A while ago we were given tickets to go up the Shard, to be followed by afternoon tea near London bridge, and we randomly picked yesterday to go - amazingly it was fab weather: blue skies and sunshine and warmth all day

First view of the Shard from the train (one of many photos, sorry!)


Getting closer

Gosh - its a long way up!


The view from floor 68, towards Greenwich (east)


Tower of London (north east)

Turning towards north west

Further west, St. Paul's cathedral

London Eye to the west

And it was too (!) sunny to get any photos of the south as the sun was so bright!

We also walked along the river to the design museum - we didn't have long so spent 40 minutes in the shop! That was amazing in itself, we'll have to go another time to see the exhibits!

Then back to the Hilton hotel at London bridge - Brian enjoying afternoon tea


we walked miles and miles: the day wasfar too nice to be stuck in the tube. My pedometer reckons just under 15000 steps - I think I'll feel that tomorrow!!

Almost an iconic silhouette - the bus was more luck than skill, but I'm very pleased with this

And what did I do on the train? Why, I tacked Hexies of course!!



  1. What a wonderful day!!!

  2. Yeah, yeah, you all got sun, grump, grump! Still, looks like a fun day :o)

  3. What a fabulous day Benta and afternoon tea to top it off, perfect!

  4. On my list of places I always wanted to visit. And working your hexies on the train - perfect!

  5. Well my legs ached just thinking how far you must have walked! Worth it though. Lovely day out.

  6. What a fabulous day and you walked off any calories you consumed:-)


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