Sunday 16 March 2014

Informative, Interesting and Inspirational

Have you been following the Deciphering Your Quilt posts that Leanne (She can Quilt) and Jess (Elven Garden) have been posting?  

Jess and Leanne live in different hemispheres but have joined forces to teach us about making quilt blocks.  Both are excellent writers and know a lot about their subject - and their posts can be summed up in the three words in this post's title: Informative, Interesting and Inspirational.  If you aren't already following them I suggest you take a look!

So as part of this series Jess posted an example of a two block design: a zigzag quilt and I had a great idea!  

I took one rainbow coloured jelly roll, some pink and some blue Kona solids, and the knowledge that the twins that are due to nephew and his wife this summer will be one of each flavour. . . 

And started the sewing / pressing / cutting / arranging (and repeat) that is our hobby

Hope you had a lovely and sunny weekend


  1. Good start - I made a miniature like this - not sure that I'd be up to anything bigger, fun though it was to try this technique!

  2. Oh thanks for the huge compliment Benta! I love that we inspired you to make this, it is looking gorgeous!

  3. Great start Benta, the perfect project for twin arrivals.


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