Wednesday 11 December 2019

2019 Wk 49 - Teaching

I was teaching on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning last weekend - both were great fun!

The adults at Chertsey Museum made these scrappy penny designs: I'm so glad I bought the black tote bags - the felt looks great against it

 And I finished my Secret Santa wrap

The children on Saturday had a great time, and made wreaths (pipe cleaners and beads), Christmas trees (and loved using the Sizzix to cut out the circles) and stick and pine cone mobiles
Fun but exhausting - I walked over 6000 steps just walking round the church hall checking that all the families were doing OK!!!!

After that I came home and put my feet up, while Lizzie stitched out gingerbread men for my boss, the Vicar, and his Finnish wife:


  1. cute gingerbread lady with finnish flag. I was just mailing two christmas cards to finland today.

  2. Looks like great fun and great creating done at both classes

  3. Love your penny felt circles - but particularly love your personalised gingerbread people. What a fabulous idea and how clever you are with them! xx

  4. Love the penny felt circles, they look great!
    Argh no ..... these are the ones you lost ..... hope you’ve found them now!
    Barbara xx


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