Wednesday, 11 December 2019

2019 Wk 49 - Teaching

I was teaching on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning last weekend - both were great fun!

The adults at Chertsey Museum made these scrappy penny designs: I'm so glad I bought the black tote bags - the felt looks great against it

 And I finished my Secret Santa wrap

The children on Saturday had a great time, and made wreaths (pipe cleaners and beads), Christmas trees (and loved using the Sizzix to cut out the circles) and stick and pine cone mobiles
Fun but exhausting - I walked over 6000 steps just walking round the church hall checking that all the families were doing OK!!!!

After that I came home and put my feet up, while Lizzie stitched out gingerbread men for my boss, the Vicar, and his Finnish wife:


  1. cute gingerbread lady with finnish flag. I was just mailing two christmas cards to finland today.

  2. Looks like great fun and great creating done at both classes

  3. Love your penny felt circles - but particularly love your personalised gingerbread people. What a fabulous idea and how clever you are with them! xx


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