Saturday 17 November 2018

Wk 2018 Wk 46 - a playdate and basting in church

My friend Sharon came to a playdate here - she particularly wanted to work on a quilt for her husband

This is the quilt once it had been basted (isn't it fab - her first quilt!)

First though she needed cuddles with the cat!

We had planned the playdate for Crafty Church day so we could use the tables on the pew backs!  We taped down the backing and then spray basted the wadding

The surface is quite high so Sharon went up on the surface on her hands and knees!!!

Then we took the whole lot upstairs and she started sewing.  She stitched through tea break, everyone else's goodbyes and me putting everything away.  I didn't get a pic of the quilting (in the ditch) but it looks so good!

She needs to finish the quilting, then we'll add borders (and embroider his name at the top and hers at the bottom) then it can be bound ready for Christmas (yayhay - we'll need another playdate!)

Totally unnecessarily she brought 'thank you' goodies (but I didn't say no!)

This evening I did a little more on the Not La Pass

and whilst babysitting last night I listed to the new Jack Reacher book and stitched the football patches onto the scarves

Then did some work on the Hexi rainbow quilt.


  1. Beautiful work Sharon. I love the rainbow hexies and la pass.

  2. Sharon's quilt looks great. You have the perfect set up for quilt making in your church. I love your Not La Pas and rainbows hexies too - really beautiful projects :)

  3. Great work from everyone Benta. Sharon's quilt is super, what a fantastic Christmas present.


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