Friday 16 November 2018

2018 Wk 46 - work and family

We made these cute birds at Richmond and Kew on Monday: whilst hearing about the results from the Quilt Exhibition.  We took over £6000 - and 1/4 of that was from the bric-a-brak (aka crap) stall - that's all going to charity: isn't that an amazing total.  Just over 600 people came through the doors so they spent and average of £10 each!

I have been working on customer embroideries - tese pathes are for scarves for the football club

and there were zippies and hoodies for them too plus polo shirts and big patches for table cloths for the museum

The village turnout for the 100 Years Remembrance of WW1 was great, and our girls helped 91 year old nanny lay her cross.

I made  a sewing machine needle organiser and some scissor tags for a secret santa gift at Richmond and Kew Quilters

 And Mr Postie delivered a lovely squishie of zips from Zipit at Etsy.

Plum gave me a whole load more 1.5" squares for mine and Jackie's mini quilt

I met Pudsey Bear at work

Oh, and I got a new car!!!!! (she's gorgeous!!!)

 Hope you had a good week


  1. Well done on the exhibition, a huge success. I love the birds and your new car x

  2. That sounds like a very exciting week! You did fantastically well with the sale and it's lovely to see your mum at Remembrance. Also, fun to meet Pudsey and great new car :)

  3. Oops, missed this post! Nice to know the fund raising at the quilt show went so well!
    Lovely to see the pic of your Mum, and a great pic of you too!
    Nice car!
    Barbara xx


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