Saturday, 24 November 2018

2018 Wk 47 Zips and Pouches

I've started using my delicious zip delivery (see, husband, I did NEED them!!!)

I've been cutting up and bordering some of the projects we have worked on at Chertsey Museum . . . in order to make zippy pouches as Christmas pressies for the ladies who attend and the Museum ladies.

That totals quite a few - as many as 14 in the class, and 4 staff.  I have used recycled denim for the main part of the pouch and fabric from a gifted pack as the linings

Quite a lots of lovely zips!!!!

Waiting to have zips attached

Showing the assorted linings

 A variety of decorations! (and a reduction of part completed stash!)

Bottom right was made from a sample embroidery for a friend's granddaughter who loves that girly mouse!  I made the sample to check the designs stitched out ok, and didn't want to waste it

Even if I was a bit fed up with it by the time I'd done babygros (onesies) and muslins

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  1. Those zips are sooo pretty. Zippy pouches are brilliant and a fab way to use up some stash


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