Friday 2 November 2018

2018 Wk 44 - Pottering and Stuff

I forgot to blog about fiddle necklace we made for Jackie's daughter and granddaughter.  Little Leah is at an age that she wants to be holding something while she is feeding - and Sabrina would rather it wasn't part of her anatomy!  We saw 'fiddle necklaces' on Amazon at a ridiculous price so made a bead necklace for Sabrina to wear while she's feeding Leah - it looks as if it's working!

I have started on some more tiny blocks

It's not often I spend time with customers but Amanda wanted these labels done asap so she could attach them to quits before they cadged a left to the long arm quilter's - so she came to collect them to save a delay on posting.  We had a lovely afternoon sharing quilting ideas, and she seemed very happy with the three labels.

 On Friday Chertsey Museum hosted the second weaving Fun With Fabric and lots of lovely project were started, worked on and completed

I think this chunky weave is my favourite though!

I didn't show this project carrier Jackie made me - four 'pages' and each one is a really good size vinyl zippy pouch.  My La Pass project has moved in as it was out growing it's previous storage.

As La Pass and been renamed Not La Pass.  It's nothing like the original idea but it will now be put together as 6 large cogs and 10 small ones.  I'm adding the black EPP shapes in hopefully the right places

And they will fit together like this.  I think I will maintain the funky shape, and make a collar of pentagons that will be a border on the back

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  1. Sweet necklace, glad it worked!
    Fabulous weaving, that’s another thing I’d love to have a go at!
    Those cogs look !amazing!
    Barbara xx


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