Sunday 28 October 2018

2018 Wk 43 - alone in my sewing room

Jackie has gone home now, just emails and Whatsapps until next year.  I should be tidying up in here but I thought I'd do another post instead!

Today's makings  . . .

Two 'pink penguin' bags

A book bag for a neighbour

 A plan for our joint postage stamp / tiny blocks quilt

(this was a close runner up, but we probably don't have enough patterned squares for this)

And a rough plan for the solid postage stamps but they will have to wait their turn

I meant to show this - a first stitch out of the village church door - the painting won't be repeated (I need to find another method of showing the stone colours), and the design needs tweaking but I'm pleased with it for a first attempt

 And I said goodbye to Warm Diamonds as she sold, and has gone off to a new home!


  1. I hope warm diamonds will be very happy in her new home. Well done on the sale xx

  2. You must have so many bags. The church door looks amazing.

  3. You've been super busy! I actually prefer the postage stamp quilt you're working on. My eye-resting space.
    Can't recall when I last made a pink penguin bag - that was such a nice pattern.
    And your embroidery-nice job! Mine's coming along.
    Make All The Things!

  4. Hi Benta,
    Love the penguin bag - that’s one of the first tutorials I remember seeing on-line.
    Your quilts look great, and the embroidery is fabulous!
    Congratulations on the sale!
    Barbara x


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