Thursday 25 October 2018

2018 Wk 43 - in my happy place

Yay - Jackie is here for 4 days!!!!

Today we have been helping set up for the Richmond and Kew Quilt exhibition

Lots of fab quilts, crafted items to win or to buy, and a *huge* amount of bric-a-brac for sale with all the proceeds going to charity, all held in a beautiful old church.


  1. It all looks lovely Benta such a lot of work in some of those quilts too, hats off to the quilters :)

  2. Amazing quilts, Benta!
    DH came with me to the show and even he enjoyed seeing all the quilts (he's been to other shows with me but this is the first one he's actually said he enjoyed!).
    I was awestruck by all the wonderful stitching!
    Well done all!
    Barbara x

  3. Looks like a fab exhibition! And a good space too.


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