Monday 15 October 2018

2018 Wk 41 Finishes

I have been frantically finishing the quilts on the rail of shame as they will be on show in two week's time at the Richmond and Kew quilters exhibition

Finished but need sleeves:

Also being finished is a quilt both Jackie and I have worked on - it's being finished in Ireland ready for the show . . .  My Small World.  I am SO looking forward to seeing it in real life!

I got this pack of lush fabrics from Lisa's Jim for my birthday - he's a good boy!!!

On Saturday I attended a wet felting class at Chertsey Museum - and made this poppy

And on Sunday my oldest friend (should I rephrase that?  The friend I have known for the longest time) came over with a suitcase of her late dad's shirts.  Linda and I have known each other since school age and I knew her mum and dad very well - a lovely couple.

Anyway, she and mum have cleared out dad's clothes: most have gone to a homeless shelter, some jumpers have gone to the grandchildren and the rest came to my house.  We turned a lovely jumper into a cushion

And are in the process of turning the first 1/4 of the shirts into a patchwork for mum (and will gradually work on the rest for Linda, her sister and her daughter)

It was an honour to be allowed to be involved and lovely to catch up with what the two families have been up to!


  1. Eeek, an exhibition, and gosh, your stitching will be there, Benta!
    You have busy again, and Jackie too!
    I hope to see “My Small World” too, trains permitting, if I can make it to the show!
    That’s a great mix of fabrics you received too! Sweet poppy!
    Nice work on the shirts and jumper, although sad too, of course!
    Barbara xx

  2. seems having a deadline has worked!! lol x what a lovely memory of her dad for your friend x

  3. oooo - The ruby diamonds on the the charcoal background is really stuning! And so much work in Small World - really spectacular. It's so nice of you to make the memory quilts for you friend and her family. Those mean so much.

  4. Busy girl! I may be wet felting a vest, in the meantime I have wet felted some tiny acorns ( to get my feet wet, lol). I finally figured a way to quilt that doesn't make me loopy. Your small world is amazing. It's good of you to help make the memory cushion and quilts.


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