Tuesday 23 October 2018

2018 Wk 42 Leather and Poppies

Crafty Church ladies worked on poppies for the Horton lads who went to WW1, and the one lass that died locally in a ammunition factory explosion.  All the names have been written on these poppies, one for each, and pinned to these wooden crosses.  Carolyn is working on mounting all the information sheets she has put together, again one for each. 

And I have been patchworking leather!  A customer de-constructed the seat covers from a leather sofa and cut them to size to fit together.  He wants them as a backdrop for his pet photography business

He took photos of the 4 sections so I could plan the best route to joining them

and we started sewing them together with a zigzag stitch

and they are looking good - we are about 2.5 hours in and about 1/3 of the way through

 LOTS more of these left!

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