Friday 14 December 2018

2018 Wk 51

Some time ago I bought two packs of fabric from Aldi.  Pretty, spring fresh colours I wanted to share them.  I thought a Linus quilt would be nice and I thought it would be a good project for Richmond and Kew.  I cut all the fabric (12 FQs) and the same amount of white into rough 9" squares and last session gave everyone a white and a pretty square of fabric and asked them to make at least 1 x 8.5" block, with the idea that they will all be put together to make the quilt next year.

For one of mine I started with a small flowery strip: I added suitable other colours and went with a Bargello sort of design.

Another flowery design got sub cut and I added some suitable strips

And as that ended up too wide and have a strip trimmed off, I added the flowery and some orange to some white

And ended up with three fun, very different blocks . . . except - "£$%^&*() - drat and fiddlesticks, there is a top strip of purple missing from the Bargello - sigh, wop-de-do, I get to do some of my favourite hobby - unsewing!!!!

 However, more fun was sewing with Sharon at home and at Crafty Church -

We embroidered this cool hare and initials onto some towels for her husband

And this stunning quilt got finished, with the same hare on the back

And then my phone ran out of batteries, so no evidence, but at least two ladies were learning EPP and making Christmas stars like this one

I'm off now to unpick my bargello :-(

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