Sunday 30 December 2018

2018 Wk 52 part 2

Were you spoiled this Christmas?  I was!

Jackie made me this awesome purse that opens to a really good size, plus these Christmas decorations

From Sharon I got this gorgeous Christmassy fabric with matching ribbons

From Avril I got these super badges (I'm not sure I can take them off their cards - they are just a pretty as the badges) and these super lush threads

And from Plum I got a whole load of goodies!  A basket, a couple of kits, some clam templates and a box a really good sized beads

And Stephanie gave me a thread cutter which is useful and pretty!

Thank you all xxxxx

I've been doing some hand sewing - Kantha doodling

 And spent time with these two (I love to see them using my quilts!)

But mostly spent time visiting this lovely lady (my M-i-L) who has now been confirmed as having a fractured femur.  Now that they know what the problem is they can start putting it right.

While she was in hospital some lowlife scum broke into her house.  To be fair they didn't trash it or create a huge mess, but they did steal cash she had taken out for the grandchildren and great grandchildren for Christmas, and they have taken some jewellery.  Sadly the gold charm bracelet that she had collected over many years (like this one) has gone

But they overlooked this . . . her engagement ring that she's had over 70 years!!!


  1. Lovely gifts. Hoping your MiL heals soon and they catch the low life’s!

  2. You deserve to be spoiled. Best wishes to Bette. I love the doodling


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