Sunday 23 December 2018

2018 Wk 51 - !!! I'm not ready !!!

I need a pause button!


OK, so the dodgy raffle block has been corrected

The spare bedroom has been tidied so Niki can sleep there tomorrow night

I wasted time at work last week doodling through a team meeting!  Shame it's got confidential details under the highlighter - I'm quite please with this one

I've finished travel tags for the Christmas stockings

Thanks to Mr Amazon, a picture frame ordered yesterday arrived this afternoon, so a picture (sketch? pictorial representation?) I did of mum's family tree starting with her grandparents has been framed and is just waiting to be wrapped - that's all Christmas Day pressies finished

And two to-be-posted gifts have been finished (hand stitching not too shabby!)

But another three are still only pinned and there are NO POSTING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS!!!!

So there are some people who are going to be getting Happy New Year squishy pressies instead of Merry Christmas ones! (Sorry!!)

To do list :
Tidy sitting room and dining room so we have a place to sit and a place to eat,
Buy fresh fruit for fruit salad tomorrow night
Go to work for a few hours tomorrow to hand over keys etc
Wish everyone Merry Christmas

See you on the other side!


  1. You have been very busy. Christmas has arrived with alarming speed this year. Enjoy, hope you have a rest xx

  2. You are doing great, Benta! Unusual way of showing the family tree!
    Have a Very Happy Christmas!
    Barbara xx


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