Saturday 15 December 2018

2018 WK 50 - too busy to blog

Life has been a bit hectic recently - I've got a new job starting 2nd January so I have been making sure everything at my current job is up to date to be handed over . . . and I've been teaching and making gifts!

These were some of the Christmas Decorations created at a recent Family Learning class

As well as me leaving, my poor boss is losing his other admin receptionist as she's going on maternity leave.  I made a Mickey Mouse quilt and taggie for the baby

 I taught Suffolk Puff Christmas Trees at Chertsey Museum

And ran a stall at the neighbouring village's Christmas Fayre talking to people about Stitch (our Days For Girls washable menstruation kits)

One of the group had been busy making stuff to sell to put towards more fabrics and an overlocker - I got this fab fella
Richmond and Kew had it's Christmas do: We do a secret Santa and I got this lovely little pouch with an easy thread needle

I also did a little side swap with Cheryl - she makes these fab free range sewing kit bags

And was making me one, so I made her a zippy pouch


  1. Merry Christmas Benta. Good luck with your new job.

  2. You have been busy!
    Everything looks amazing!
    In the words of Miranda Hart ..... “Such fun”!
    I have an easy thread needle, which is just soooo useful, but it’s not like your one. There were a few needles in the pack and I’m hoping they will last forever, but one has already broken ..... too much use!
    Hugs, Barbara xx


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