Tuesday 1 January 2019

2019 - Wk 0 - Happy New Year

I've been playing with Lizzie!  I got an urge to design (while she was stitching badges for the local scouts who deliver local Christmas cards)

My cousin has three gorgous grandchildren, so I got their mum to send me photos of some artwork and their "signatures".

And I converted them to stitches

 Mila's drawing and my embroidery

And Matteo's

And their little brother Luka didn't do a picture but I got his name.  I think I need to re-stitch it as the colours are off.

I think a few drawstring bags are on the agenda for tomorrow then they can go off in the post!

I have also finished warping the loom for the Temperature project.  Finished warping AND prepared the threads for the lower range of temperatures

AND deciding on the threads for the warmer colours!

And I've finally finished (just need to trim to size, so OK not actually finished!) a few tiny blocks - Jackie, how are yours coming along?

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