Sunday 13 January 2019

2019 - Wk 2 - so disappointed

I know I'm a bit behind, but I want to make a plus quilt - and I want to make it EPP (I've recently finished piecing one and am close to finishing another so time to look for a new one) and I've fallen in love with this 

I found that Sizzix made a die that is house shaped (or "long pentagon") and tried to find one.  The only one in the world that's available (according to Mr Google) was in Australia, and luckily I have a lovely brother in Australia!  So . . . he did the buying thing and even the posting thing and I did the happy dance

And then I did the sizzix thing - loads of sizzixed long pentagons, and the cutting thing - even more house shaped fabrics

And then I did the tacking thing and though "hold on a cotton picking minute" - what's that gap?

Can you believe - the apex of the 'roof' is not quite 90 degrees, and the width of the 'house' is slightly more than it's height and this is never going to *&^%$£" well work!!!!

I am seriously gutted!

Any suggestions much appreciated


  1. Time for a coffee and a rethink!

  2. Time for a coffee and a rethink!

  3. I’d contact Sizzix direct! Of course you can trim a poin but that’s beside the point!


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