Thursday 23 June 2016

The One About An Artist In Residence

While we were in Norway, on the island of Halsnøy, we visited a museum very close to the cottage.  I love that an island with a population of less than 3000 has a museum (and a fire station and two schools!)

Every year they have an Artist in Residence, and this year was Lois Walpole and she has been weaving with scrap ropes. Not only was there some fab exhibits, but I'm teaching very similar bowls on Wednesday next week so it as great to see hers, and to buy a copy of her book.  I'm really sorry I wasn't able to meet her

Sorry lots of photos to follow!

The bowls

She also made two huge wall hangings - this one in the 'dining room'



And this one in the 'sitting room'


And the book


  1. Fab bowls and I love the wall hangings

  2. Artist in residence indeed - look at those awesome projects! Is that a shard of pottery in the base of the first basket??!??!??!?!? If so, that would be the ultimate in upcycling - WOW!

  3. how good to see this when you are about to share your skills and inspirational too


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