Tuesday 31 May 2016

I Is In Ireland!

It's lovely to be back at my second home!  Sewing, and chatting, and numerous cuppas with Jackie, catching up with her (and by extension, my) extended family, and generally putting the world as best to rights as we can!

On Monday we made a basket each

We started a FQ Pop Up (thank you Kathy)

We organising zips

. . . Auditioned blocks for a new quilt,

And there may have been cuddles with this little poppet, called Mouse!

And I've got all of Tuesday here too, and a bit of Wednesday!  Yippee! Xx


  1. Mouse would fit inside your baskets.

  2. A perfect adventure -- sewing - fun new patterns - fabric - zippers - the FUN kind of "Mouse" - family - friends (and most likely - food!) - fantastic!

  3. You guys are so productive together. That quilt layout is looking very pretty.

  4. sounds like a great time, hoe good to have a friend you can go and stitch with as well as doing lots of other interesting things no doubt


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