Saturday 21 May 2016

Laying out the Lighthouse

We had Crafty Church this afternoon. I didn't get many pics, but I pinned the next borders onto the lighthouse quilt (just need a bit more cream fabric) and managed to (standing on tiptoes, on a door balanced on the pews) get a pic of most of the quilt


There is beginning to be hope that it will be finished in time to be handed over next month!

There were ten of us at Crafty Church, but I only got pics of Lynne's creations ...


Aren't they fab! Such personalities!!!!



  1. Glad to see your quilt nearly finished. and the dolls with those Tilda legs - awesome. Wait? does the third one have a scar on her face ala zombie? Cool.

  2. you are nearly at the end with the lighthouse, expect you hare sighing with relief as I know it is not your favourite project. Dolls and monkeys are so cute and sure to make a little one happy,

  3. It's looking wonderful! Good to be so nearly finished. Lynne's dolls look great too. Why do they have scars/stitches? (Apologies for prob being behind the times!) :)


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