Sunday 15 May 2016

Finished with Flags

If you're a regular visitor to this blog you may know about my Lighthouse Quilt (if you want a reminder you can click on the list of labels on the left)

This is a real procrastination quilt - I'd rather do anything than work on it (OK, *almost* anything, I haven't resorted to cleaning bathrooms yet). However, it's been in the making for two years and needs to be ready for an 80th birthday next month, so I really had to get on with it.

The centre was completed about a year ago:

(21st century problems: getting a photo from the blog when you are using an iPad, bah!)

Since then I have added a border of embroidered rope, but nothing more. However with a completely free Saturday I have now managed to create 26 marine alphabet flags


And with a mostly free Sunday I have started joining them so I can add them as a border:


AND I have converted the flags into embroidery designs so the 4 corners will have the birthday message spelt out in flags


So this might actually be finished before the big day!



  1. I wondered how you would finish this - seeing how it's so 'close' to me. Love the pieced flags.

  2. It may be hard work, but I'm glad you're getting it done, because it looks cool!

  3. I wondered what had happened to this project good to see you are working on it again, very impressed with your flags, happy finishing

  4. Those flag blocks are brilliant Benta!

    When I find myself cleaning the oven I know that I am really putting something off big style :)

  5. WOW when you get cracking - you REALLY get cracking - you're in the home stretch! GO BENTA GO :D

  6. Wow, best later than never.Your quilt will be fabulous and love the idea of the mariner flags.

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