Wednesday 11 May 2016

Peg Posting

I managed to find a few "me" hours today and did some cutting up and sewing together. Not the most exciting of projects, but a (another) lovely lady at church, Bea, asked for a peg bag that would go around her neck so pegs were easy to reach

I started by cutting 4 rectangles 10" X 11", and cut a scoop along the short side of one pair

I stitched each rectangle to a scooped rectangle, (leaving a gap in the base of one pair)

I turned one right side out and put that inside its twin, and arranged a 36" web strap, and stitched around the top

I snipped the curved edge

And turned it through the opening inside

And then took a rubbish photo!!!!!
Not sure husband's photo is much better, but here it is

Hope Bea likes it


  1. Oh the joy of a few hours to sew! Well done :-)

  2. That's cute. I need to do something like this. I've always kept my pegs on the line, but since we've moved to a very hot, sunny area, the pegs detriorate so quickly in the sun and seem to be constantly breaking.

  3. very useful might make one myself as I have one one coat hanger that I hang from my waistband but it tends to fall off

  4. My peg bag has definitely seen better days Benta, perhaps I should be following your lead :)

  5. Great peg bag! I need a new peg bag, mine (one I made earlier) is fraying at the top! I had been scouring Pinterest for something "just me" for some time! Your bag is just what I need ..... now to find those few hours! Thanks for the idea!
    Barbara xx

  6. This is a clever idea. I love the way your church ladies put in requests :)


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